Heidi Velazquez.jpg

Heidi Velazquez, Sales Representative

what i did before two sisters: I worked for zsofia’s fine lingerie as a sales associate and was also a full-time student at richland community college.

favorite food memory: when i tried the signature pasta for the first time not knowing it contains blue cheese. i hate blue cheese!

most memorable experience at two sisters: last year, a week before christmas, both two sisters to-go stores did a secret santa gift exchange for the first time. i hope it’s not the last time!

favorite food at two sisters: the chicken enchilada quiche is my fave! i never knew what a quiche was until i had this one for lunch one time.

least favorite food in general: salmon and egg salad. the aftertaste of salmon and the smell of egg salad!

one dallas experience everyone should have: everyone should go to the state fair and try all the fried food they have.

what most people don’t know about me: my parents always told me to never give up after the first try!

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