Brad Holt, Service lead

what i did before two sisters: i bartended for 5 years, assistant managed at storhouse furniture, attended culinary school, and assisted floral designer/wedding planner extraordinaire donnie brown

favorite food memory: when I came home for a weekend from college, I was able to make caesar salads tableside for my family

most memorable experience at two sisters: my proudest moment was baking all desserts, cookies, and pastries for the owner’s tailgate gala for superbowl xlv. it was star-studded and a blast to work!

favorite food at two sisters: i have found that our artichoke bottoms are surprisingly delicious.

least favorite food in general: several vegetables fall on this list, but i’m also not too adventurous in the seafood department.

one dallas experience everyone should have: my quintessential dallas experience is to go for tex-mex and margaritas on friday night. it’s just what you do.

what most people don’t know about me: i was part of a troupe in college that was hired by the department of defense to travel through europe and parts of asia to entertain our troops on military bases. twice!

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