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In 1989, two sisters—Connie Chantilis and her sister Rosanne Beck—decided they had what it takes to launch a catering business. Tired of her career in retail management, Connie started Two Sisters Catering by selling box lunches at salons around Dallas. Quickly, the demand for box lunches overran Connie's quaint duplex near Snider Plaza in Dallas, Texas that was serving as the company's only kitchen facility. Connie knew it was time to move when she had refrigerators in her back bedroom.

With the move to a bigger kitchen—although still in her home—Two Sisters became one sister when Rosanne left to pursue artistic dreams and the development of her own invitation and gift companies. Rosanne opened Rosanne Beck and Invites Now. Continuing with the ever-growing box lunch business, Connie began planning the real growth of Two Sisters Catering by focusing the company's marketing efforts for the first time. Two Sisters started supporting numerous non-profit events and fund-raisers to build awareness for her expanding culinary offerings. All the while, Two Sisters steadily catered small to mid-size private parties. Two Sisters' first real "test" came when they were hired to cater the Texas Society of CPAs Convention at Old City Park. Besides the enormity and importance of the audience, the event was also significant for Two Sisters in that it was the company's first experience catering an off-site event—complete with a refrigerated truck, no running water and no kitchen. The event went off without a hitch, and Two Sisters was on its way to becoming the top caterer in Dallas.

In the 1990s, Two Sisters Catering's operation had grown to the point where its cooking demands could no longer be served by a kitchen so the company moved into its first commercial cooking facility, just outside downtown Dallas. Growth required them to once again in1999 to the current facility on Gaston Avenue between Baylor Medical Center and downtown Dallas. The Gaston facility also includes the second Two Sisters To Go location—offering casual lunches in addition to "take home" meals. The first Two Sisters To Go opened in 1996 on Monticello Ave. east of Highland Park. In the fall of 2013 Two Sisters Catering opened the Children’s Garden by Two Sisters at the Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden at the Dallas Arboretum.

Today, Two Sisters Catering offers everything from box lunches to catering events for large groups. As a way of never forgetting those early days of calling friends to come peel carrots and grill chicken breasts for eight hours on her patio grill, Connie still maintains what she calls her "lucky" refrigerator. "I bet I've spent $4,500 to keep that old refrigerator running," says Connie. "We still use it everyday. It reminds me of how far we've come and to never forget our roots."

Awards and Recognition

The Dallas Business Journal has recognized Two Sisters Catering as the "Best Caterer in Dallas." And for four consecutive years, Two Sisters has won the People's Choice Award for Best Caterer from Park Cities People and Northside People. In 2001, Two Sisters Catering entered the Park Cities Hall of Fame as Best Caterer. Two Sisters Catering has served many notable dignitaries and celebrities, including former President of the United States, George W. Bush.

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